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Comment from : gifyfish

Kitty Fluff
Comment from : Kitty Fluff

Visual Studio Code is a good program to work with :)
Comment from : Broda

use notepad guys
Comment from : Smoah06

Phantom User
How to edit it on Android tho
Comment from : Phantom User

Kojiro 13
Boolean - or bolyan
Comment from : Kojiro 13

Erik Straathof
visual studio is in my opinion the best way to view JSON files on windows. You can just load in the json file, use the Ctrl + k + d (or whatever formatting key combo you use).
Comment from : Erik Straathof

poor Jayson... getting used all the time :(
Comment from : MeKillYouTo

NaruGameplays 7886
And how can I turn the json into 3D models?
Comment from : NaruGameplays 7886

CA 4341
I think it's pronounced Bool·e·an  thanks for the awsome vid :)
Comment from : CA 4341

joey al-hussiny
There is sublime text 3 for windows, nice UI. You can switch to JSON by clicking on the bottom left corner Plain Text > JavaScipt > JSON
Comment from : joey al-hussiny

Atom and VS Code are the best.
Comment from : кислый

Kitt Beesley
I would recommend visual studio code on both mac and windows
Comment from : Kitt Beesley

Use visual code studio for windows for people watching a few years on
Comment from : Dat1ScrubLord

Bro I love your videos. Super informative . Thank you sir
Comment from : chrono2959

PlushieCommunity World
i play minecraft on a phone and i dont know how to download a mod with a json app
Comment from : PlushieCommunity World

NSHol Ach
А где русские субтитры???
Comment from : NSHol Ach

Comment from : DragonGold

Brackets is on windows
Comment from : Roboko

Xeonigs YT
I use brackets on windows too
Comment from : Xeonigs YT

SillyRabbit 419
I own a server and everything I know is self taught (I'm not too shabby!). GG man. You just put it all into perspective. Thank you! I have been doing resource packs and manipulating my own plugins and making them work but not having a clue as to what I was looking at.
Comment from : SillyRabbit 419

Will you be covering 3D entity models in this series?
Comment from : foop

I just found your videos via Bdubs. . And they are AMAZING!!! I am working on a HD resource pack using Substance Designer that I plan on porting to both Java and Bedrock once the Super Duper release hits in the Fall supporting custom texture maps.

For a recommendation for both Mac and Windows the new Visual Studio Code is wonderful. .


Comment from : NoobTaco

I love LWA
Name and value make object. Think of that for a few seconds.
Comment from : I love LWA

every time i hear that intro music,
it reminds me of something.....

...seinfeld is good anime

Comment from : CaptainCosmic

Guille Vera
For Windows and Linux, a text editor that is vary flexible and I personally love is Geany
Comment from : Guille Vera

I saw that OptiFine 1.11.2 HD U C2 pre came out and it said that you can now add custom 3D models with optifine? Do you know how?
Comment from : JustTimm

Nice start to the JSON series! Brackets is available on Windows, fyi. and Atom < atom.io/> is another open source text/code editor which is available for free for multiple platforms as well. Looking forward to the rest of the series.
Comment from : JeffrySG

Hey, out of curiosity, is it possible to create mo'bends-like animations using custom json models?
Comment from : Aquadude425

Z0ul0u 25
It's a nice idea you had to teach us how to read JSON before making a "real" 3D model tutorial. Nice job.
Also, for futur video, you can check for Mr. Crayfish model creator. ( youtu.be/Nz0FHNVtZNc ) It's a free minecraft model creator software for both MAC & PC. If you have some money to spend, Cubik Studio is a really great choice [ I bought it ;) ]

For a "code" editing software, I personally recommend Sublime Text 3. ( Mac & PC )

Keep Up the good work man, see you in another video!

Comment from : Z0ul0u 25

Two things: 1) Can an array list thing of different types, (i.e. [number, string, array, object, boolean]) or do they all need to be the same type? 2) I believe Boolean is pronounced like boo-lee-un (ˈbo͞olēən), not like boo-lean.
Comment from : blaggjah13

Aashiq Nageem
Hey Uncle Jam
Could you make a tutorial on how to make models that are bigger than one block please

Comment from : Aashiq Nageem

Filip Frgelec
I don't want to hassle you but have you looked for the different gui textures that I asked on a previous video? I'm making a resource pack that will have different textures for chest and ender chest, and different shulker boxes but they both use the same texture (sorry if bad english I'm slovak)
Comment from : Filip Frgelec

Ricardo Rita
Hey Uncle Jam, just a question about mob textures: its possible to make them dynamic? just like the glow in the items textures you showed? My idea has to make a blaze glow with lava or something like that. thank you! keep up the awesome work =)
Comment from : Ricardo Rita

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