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f l o o f y
three songs in this i know them all
the chainsmokers ~ don't let me down
sia ~ the greatest
lukas graham ~ 7 years old
PS ~ I LOVE YOU BEANIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment from : f l o o f y

Make me one
Comment from : AkiBMC

Minky Monkey Boo
I'm watching this as my parents argue about if the kitchen has mold or not
Comment from : Minky Monkey Boo

dang this looks so cool. have you ever tried making other peoples skins with this?
Comment from : ironstraken64

Ariza _64
what is the program?
Comment from : Ariza _64

Keith Moyer
I hate making skins but this made me improve
Comment from : Keith Moyer

You could just go on NameMC and type your name and find the skin.
Comment from : Wipes

꧁༺ future portal ༻꧂
I love your videos 😍
Can you please show me how to make eagle face ? because my dream Minecraft skin have eagle face

Comment from : ꧁༺ future portal ༻꧂

Ivona Kozakova
what do you use?
Comment from : Ivona Kozakova

Chûkiø !
You make skin designing look so easy but then when you try it you start to Rage 👺
Comment from : Chûkiø !

Zero Omega
Hey Can u make me a skin?? I’ve been looking for one
Comment from : Zero Omega

Awsome skin...Btw i wanna start playing minecraft how can i make a skin and have that from the begining?( i cant fucking belive im asking this question...a grown ass 7 feet tall man asking a bunch of kids for help in minecraft🤣🤣🤣what a world we are living in)seriously help me😃
Comment from : SkullKing

NoobMaster69 ComesWreckingFortnite
Lol she looks like my English teacher
Comment from : NoobMaster69 ComesWreckingFortnite

Angry Garfield
Don’t want to seem rude but you mever said where you uploaded it, if you even did.
Comment from : Angry Garfield

l Starz l
wait you made this on skindex right? i haven't played mc in ages and im getting it soon so oop im noob
Comment from : l Starz l

Angry Garfield
Dumb question but where do i find this? There ia no skin link so idk
Comment from : Angry Garfield

My first skin was a 128 · 128 skin and working w those tiny pixels was hard
Comment from : Keneki

muhammad andri55
Good nice
Comment from : muhammad andri55

Why are the songs nostalgic to me there not old lol
Comment from : Ollie

Heather Fryler
How do you get those 3d models at the end there? 8:31
Comment from : Heather Fryler

Tiến Sĩ Tàn Phá
Skins hyakkimaru plase :(
Comment from : Tiến Sĩ Tàn Phá

Alexander breien
Comment from : Alexander breien

sorry this song isn't good enough edit's in windows movie maker so i can be lazy and inserts lancer theme AH THAT'S BETTER
Comment from : TrueDragon

Stone Muzza
What designing program is this?
Comment from : Stone Muzza

maroon? ahh
You are so good at making skins, you are very inspiring ❤️😍
Comment from : maroon? ahh

g o t t a s w e e p s w e e p s w e e p
You inspired me to recreate one of my oldest skins from 2015 (Minecraft PE 0.11, when skins were added in MCPE)
EDIT Woah! Thanks for the love!

Comment from : g o t t a s w e e p s w e e p s w e e p

How did you get so good at shading, and stuff?
Comment from : HuskyGamer

Where can i download this? xd
Comment from : yFalldmg

Bu uygulamanın adı ne
Comment from : PRO GAMİNG

DE KOBRAS2020 _dylanodier Dierick
Comment from : DE KOBRAS2020 _dylanodier Dierick

Comment from : BMD

Whats this website
Comment from : Sleepybluebear

Emmanuel Unuigboje
Wow Good Skin:)🤣🤣
Comment from : Emmanuel Unuigboje

Ma T
Now I can tell that I will fail hard on making my first skin XD

HOW it’s so bootiful !

Comment from : Ma T

I wanna get it for my friend but when I go on your NameMC it just shows RedHeads and other stuff that's not this skin.
Comment from : Ant̪̑į͒̂D̗̔aỵ̈͝c̎ͅo̮̓r͐̕ͅe

Keisya Annabel Wicaksono
Soooooo cute can you let us download it please ❤❤❤❤
Comment from : Keisya Annabel Wicaksono

How name this programm?
Comment from : Антонио

Elephant Gaming xD
where can we find the skin xD
Comment from : Elephant Gaming xD

Zoe M
Not gonna lie, your first skin was really bad, but it's still better than my skins any day lol.
Comment from : Zoe M

Hello, I was just wondering what you used to make your new skin. Thanks.
P.S. - Love your vids, keep up the good work ^_^

Comment from : ZaiSlayer

Danny Chan
You're really good at this
Comment from : Danny Chan

Kyouya San
You had improved a lot better than me
Comment from : Kyouya San

UwU Does Stuff
Me before watching: My skins are okay..

Me after: I suck..

Comment from : UwU Does Stuff

So I’m confuzzled. What’s the overlay do?
Comment from : Baell

William Gaming
Is it available on android?
Comment from : William Gaming

Brooke Seymour
What app is this ? Or what do u look up
Comment from : Brooke Seymour

thats the greatest skin ive ever seen
Comment from : 51vibes

bread loaf
What Your Skindex ?
Comment from : bread loaf

I Don't Care
Im searching how to make a minecraft skin and learn but there's something i want to ask can we just use one color like making a clothes with only one color something like that?
Comment from : I Don't Care

Just Griff
can you plz make a knight skin tutorial?
Comment from : Just Griff

The Gamers Gem
Oh my gosh could you help me with skins...? I'm trying to plan a roleplay and I'm not the very best at making every part of my skins... I can do hair decently but when it comes to detailing bangs or even clothing my skills are very low. Even just so tips or other things that could help me do it myself would be amazing!
Comment from : The Gamers Gem

Julie Ann Velasquez
I know the songs :D
Comment from : Julie Ann Velasquez

maxgaming 234
Don't let me down also your so good at making skin's you safed my life on everything big subscribe keep the good work :D
Comment from : maxgaming 234

Dontavious Griffin
hmmp shes pretty guud but i think im bttr i mostly make black ppl skins cuz im black.. but overall keep up da guud work zombeanie👍👍👍👍
Comment from : Dontavious Griffin

wow this skin is great! what software did you use to record it? I'm sorta an aspiring skin maker, and I want to show my friends how much effort it takes to make the skins I do for them...
Comment from : kaleidoscopic!!

i just started creating minecraft skins and ive been following a lot of your tutorials!
Comment from : unvalued

Hey you inspired me to remake my first skin but Should i do it?
Comment from : amarogz

Do you do requests?
Comment from : DuhItzTera

glow uppp
Comment from : moonlight

By any chance can you send the link to th skin, also you inspire me so much! ^~^ ^^!
Comment from : trrors

Zayna Plays
Zombeanie u inspired me to make skins I use to be so bad at em but I'm getting better each time now keep going :3
Comment from : Zayna Plays

Leonardo Sy
Why do minecraft skins don't have a mouth????
Comment from : Leonardo Sy

Tatsumaki Worldwide
A tips: is okay if you start with a awfull skin, everybody does. Like companies like google or youtube also started with an awfull design. When you are all set you can improve a little by little.
Comment from : Tatsumaki Worldwide

When I saw this video, I tried to remake my skin. Well, I just gave up. So, can anyone help me, please?
Comment from : Xepitroix

Background music it's - The Chainsmokers - Don't Let Me Down
heh C:

Comment from : Дейвон

Comment from : pepsiCake

Mahammad Nazri
its look so smooth....

Comment from : Mahammad Nazri

Jenna Pham
You make this look so easy OMG PS LOVE YA
Comment from : Jenna Pham

FluffyWolf Archer
how are you so good
Comment from : FluffyWolf Archer

what do you use to record if you dont mind me asking?
Comment from : sonicboom902

I'm comparing your AMAZING WORK to my Minecraft skins and I feel like a noob 😂😂
Comment from : GaLa

elaine els
hey there are we allowed to request skins?
Comment from : elaine els

Exact same art style my friend does
Comment from : ExquisiteSnacc

Endie - kun
Zombeanie, people kept saying elven Jedi is better than you, but for me, you guys are the same, just the style and how much you guys have practiced.
Comment from : Endie - kun

بنوته TXT
Comment from : بنوته TXT

Charlotte Osburn
OMG when i saw the profile picture u gave me the idea for my skin! dont worry i didnt copy u
Comment from : Charlotte Osburn

Trina Ambrose
YOU ARE A SKIN WITCH nah im just joking. You are an great skin artest i am willing to learn but im just so lazy!
Comment from : Trina Ambrose

Can you make me a skin ?
Comment from : TRyFlow

Igr Cpl
The skin is soo cool
Comment from : Igr Cpl

Max Vampire
It’s so pretty I love it♥️
Comment from : Max Vampire

stella bun
Ur soooo guudd
Comment from : stella bun

•мιмσsнι •sнι•
I have a skin its downloaded but when I watch this I was thinking to make my own and turns out great
Comment from : •мιмσsнι •sнι•

What program do you use to make skins?
Comment from : Wolfu

Wow!!! Ur so good!!!!
Comment from : Wolfu

You make it look so easy, I tried making my own - it ends up like your first skin ( no offence ) (: <3
Comment from : Vuffe

S. D.
Hey, have any suggestions on how to make good boy hair? I need it for a skin I'm working on.
Comment from : S. D.

Bright Futures
How old are you if you don’t mind me asking? Me and my wife were wondering lol
Comment from : Bright Futures

is it possible to make other people skins? do we need to pay you or what.
Comment from : TheRetroBlock

Oml how x"D i never improved lolol
Comment from : demon.

I don't how if this is too much to ask but since you are so good at making skins and I suck... I was wondering if you can make me a skin that has a red and black color scene that is a boy.... It's okay if it's a no. Just asking for the heck of it. Thank you! P.S love the new skin.
Comment from : GoodBars

Comment from : GoodBars

You make skins so cool! I am trying to do it like that.. I subscribed you!
Comment from : cherrysoda

scooterthescoot AJ
Beanie, is it possible for me to order a skin from you? (Tigrevurmud Vorn) <--- The skin i would like to order (if you do requests) (and or commissions)
Comment from : scooterthescoot AJ

beaniieee I have been watching u for a while and u inspired me to begin creating skiins!! love uu
Comment from : lilspammy

Comment from : Minecelot

Alperen Şimşek
What is this song name and how can I find it
Comment from : Alperen Şimşek

Unknown 1337
O: SHE LOVED MY COMMENT! btw ur discord link no work
Comment from : Unknown 1337

Unknown 1337
Hey. This was AMAZING! and that skin tutorial that u did a while back, i did one last night! i was really pleased with myself! thanks! <3
Comment from : Unknown 1337

im done.
How to make it look 3D
Comment from : im done.

you make skin designing look so easy....
Comment from : Vutrix

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